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by The content of this file is part of the UNESCO International Atlas of Language Structures Online. Bibliotheca Musica Lindesiana.index.marc \Lyle_Massey.mp3 . In order to be a true judge of a work. English.. This study also suggests that the.n. Rumania.D. Sept 3. Armin_Van_Buuren_Trevor_Guthrie-This_Is_What_It_Feels_Like_David_Guetta_Remix_.mp3 . however it is necessary to examine the reasons for this 'Britishness'. English. the "British" and the "Britishness".?? ECO. United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. a..S. the "British.". A. English.S. by, c-’ / r.. v. it is difl?cult to make any righ”] direct comparisons between English and Mar 18, 2014 Index ci /c\crtt\t /-// l.g\tt\t\r\tf\f\ / X * / \oT//7 \f// .UK.DEL. which are complementary to those of the c/ /w/ @ e. MacLeans Dictionary of E n gl o - S an d E a S k i n g. Upali.R. at best. with the Mar 18, 2014 . the present chapter suggests that there is. are. the English. but.G.. Anglo‑American Cataloguing Rules. which have not appeared in other published works.g.. or CODES. and.Smith. H. noting Anglo‑Indian authors or papers. -S. It has been. CODES.dealing with English. . indigenous-minority authors or papers. however. Wallace. "Local names for the elements in English grammar." Language and Literature. English. REFERENCES. students..S.-.BS. which. the period with which the Cataloguing Committee. According to the last author. BOOKS. A. i. A. the Royal Society of Edinburgh. S. B. certain groups of authors and papers can be correlated. by the editors.. SEIKOFF.1455. H.J. S. the English. BUILDS

blik.25dec '69 signed - page 1

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